Make an informed choice to avoid disappointment

Our business model ensures your satisfaction. You can cancel your subscription at any time. In order to keep you as a paying customer, we have to provide value, fulfill our promises and provide stellar customer service. Here is how our offer differs from others:

   Initial and ongoing costs

How we do it: We appreciate you do not want to pay for something that doesn't work. With no set-up fees or hidden charges and a reasonably priced subscription, you can give us a try with confidence. In order to understand fully your goals and expectations, we meet in person to discuss the project in detail before we start building it. Every business is different and requires a unique approach.

How other subscription services do it:

While the prices are on a similar level, they do not offer personal and unique approach. A great website is like a great suit - it should fit you, not the other way around.

How other design agencies do it:

Most require a considerable budget. You will experience a high quality of service, but once the project is finished, you will have to pay for any future improvements.

   Customer service and support

How we do it: Most of our customers are too busy to fiddle with the technical aspects of their online presence. This is our job! We provide customer service like no other company at this price range. No matter what your goal is or how simple/difficult your problem is, we are here to help and advise. If you need a one-to-one session with one of our experts over a cup of coffee, we are happy to arrange that.

How other subscription services do it:

Email support tickets with up to 48 hours response time and long queues on the phone are the norm. No personal approach and no chance to meet face-to-face.

How other design agencies do it:

Great support for the whole duration of development. Once the project is done and the fee collected, you are left on your own or have to pay a premium.

   New Features

How we do it: Each business grows at a different pace. Your website is here to save you time, simplify communication with customers, and grow with you. You know best what you need in terms of functionality, so we listen to every feature request and opinion. Our content management and monitoring system grows based on our customers' feedback. Thank you for making us better.

How other subscription services do it:

Only the most popular requests are considered and implemented. If your business has specific needs, it won't work. You are stuck with a template.

How other design agencies do it:

You can get any functionality you want and the results will be great. However, development is passive and feature requests at a later stage will be pricey.

   Platform Improvements

How we do it: The Web constantly changes. New trends come and go, and new technologies arrive at an astonishing pace. Your website has to keep up, or it becomes dated and stagnant. All of our subscribers have the benefit of regular updates to their online presence and content management and monitoring system. All of our implementations are business ready and ensure that you are the leader.

How other subscription services do it:

Only absolutely crucial updates and patches are regularly applied. Bigger updates take ages to deploy, cost extra or force you to upgrade to more expensive plans.

How other design agencies do it:

Each platform improvement requires payment. Bigger changes to the platform and your website are considered a redesign and cost a lot of money.

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