Please get in touch

We would love to hear from you. Use the form below to send us a message and provide a phone number if you wish to receive a call-back. Our office hours are 10am - 5pm.

Development process

We want you to feel confident and informed throughout the whole development process. We are as invested in your success as you are. Here is the process we developed over the years, which works for both small and large projects:

  1. We meet to discuss your requirements, options, and deadline to ensure a smooth development process (in plain English - no technical jargon and no obligation).
  2. We start building your custom, bespoke website with attention to detail and in line with current industry guidelines.
  3. We provide a demo to gather your feedback and ensure you are completely satisfied with the result (we will not stop until you are!).
  4. We meet and provide a hands-on training session to show you how to use WebGears™ to manage the content of your website (it is super easy!).
  5. You modify the content of your website and give us a go-ahead when you are ready to launch.

What happens later

The beauty of subscription-based service is that we, as a provider, have to keep you happy with your online presence. Otherwise, we will lose you as a paying subscriber. To make sure you stay, we:

  1. Keep your website in great shape, implementing new features as the online industry evolves.
  2. Keep the WebGears™ content management system relevant and powerful based on your feedback.
  3. Monitor your content's performance and provide reports and suggestions on how to improve it.
  4. Provide advice in all subjects related to online and offline marketing and advertising.

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