We save your time, so you can focus on growing your business

Running a business without an online presence is like driving your car in the first gear. You can still reach your destination, but it will cost more time, effort and money. The problem with having an online presence (website, social media profiles, pay-per-click ads, etc.) is that it requires a lot of focus and constant maintenance. Just like you cannot drive keeping your eyes on the gear-stick all the time, you cannot run your business spending all the time managing your online presence. We are here to take that headache away. Here are the ways we save your time:

We Update Your Website Content, Just Send Us an Email

Sure, it is nice to have a content management system and use it to edit your content on the fly. However, most of the time, you have better things to do than logging in, formatting your content and making sure everything looks great for your visitors.

We offer you the flexibility of using a content management system or just sending us the content via email, which we can quickly add for you and make it look perfect.

It might be a special promotion, a new product line or an important announcement that has to be presented in an impactful way. Whatever it is, you can count on our quick and efficient help. We can liaise with your staff and help coordinate marketing efforts, so your online presence is consistent with your brand message and offers.

We Proactively Keep Your Website's Technology Current

Internet, browsers and search engines evolve on a daily basis. We do not wait for issues to arise, but implement newly developed features and fixes regularly.

It is frustrating to see your website drop on Google or see your pages fall apart on a new mobile device everyone starts to use. We keep an eye on the online industry and make sure your online presence has the edge and complies with current guidelines.

The years of stagnation are over. Google, Mozilla, Apple and Microsoft are driving the online industry forward, at a crazy pace. If your online presence does not keep up, you will lag behind your competitors and drop off your customers' radar. It is not enough to get a website redesign every year or two - it has to adapt to change quickly to reap the benefits.

We Provide Business-Critical, Actionable Insights

You probably don't have time and expertise to parse all the traffic metrics and analytics to make strategic decisions. We analyse and process all relevant metrics for you.

You still have access to all the data in real-time, should you want to dig deeper, but we send you a monthly report with all the business-relevant metrics, with short and actionable suggestions from experts on how to improve your results.

Running a successful business is a balancing act. With limited time and attention span, you have to delegate time-intensive tasks and focus on the big picture. Keeping track of your online metrics is crucial in making informed decisions about the direction of your business. We help you focus on what matters, without wasting any of your time.

We Maintain All Aspects of Your Online Marketing

Dealing with different providers in the process of coordinating your online marketing efforts can quickly turn into a never-ending queue of emails and issues.

Having one reliable partner with a good grasp of your business goals can cut the time you spend on the phone and email while keeping your brand message consistent across all channels. It is the closest thing to having an in-house online marketing department.

With multiple subscription tiers available, you can select the best service level to suit your business. You can easily upgrade/downgrade to adapt to changing circumstances. With our quick turn-around times and dedicated support, you can get results you are looking for and solve any issues you experience without countless phone calls and emails.

We Redesign Your Website at No Extra Cost

Having a beautiful website is not only a matter of pride. It shows your online visitors that you are up to date with modern standards, which creates an assumption that you care about your image and reputation.

Redesigning your website usually costs as much as building a new one and can result in downtime and drop in your search engine performance. With us, it does not cost anything extra and is completely seamless.

If you plan on keeping your online presence current (as every serious business owner should), the savings are evident (in time and money). With multiple subscriptions (for the website, search engine marketing, and social media marketing) it becomes even more convenient. All changes to the look and feel of your site can be distributed to other facets of your online marketing at the same time.

We Offer Free Consultations and Training to Our Subscribers

You cannot be a pro at everything. Smart people ask questions, and we are here to answer them. We have plenty of knowledge and experience in online marketing. We know that even a well-thought-out plan can go awry.

We will brainstorm, provide advice, and help to turn it into a success. Not only do we have much know-how, but we also have access to vast resources and software to support your idea.

Having mentors, advisors, and supporters is invaluable. Even if your next business move seems irrelevant, asking a trusted expert for input can give you great insights and options to turn a very good idea into a fantastic one. Every day we read, watch and learn about all things marketing related. We test new tools, software packages and deal with people in the thick of it. Having a good friend with plenty of practical knowledge to bounce your ideas off is a great asset. Wanna be friends?

We Develop and Offer Free Interactive Systems for Your Website

Sometimes you need a bit more than just a website. We develop interactive solutions based on your feedback. Event and class booking systems are already available to all our subscribers at no extra charge.

We look for ideas from our customers and develop extensions that simplify, automate and complement their workflows. If these ideas can benefit many, we build them for free. We also offer great deals for bespoke implementations.

Our goal is to build a platform that fulfils all your online business requirements. We play nice with others and provide integrations for various booking, e-commerce or marketing systems. Whenever possible, we try to provide free solutions that cut your costs and make the functionality more suited to your business needs. The more value we offer, the more reason for you to stay - it is a win/win business model.

We Play Nice with Other Solutions and Integrate Them for Free

Sometimes it makes sense to use a solution made by a third party. If something works for you, we will always make an effort to integrate it into your online presence at no extra charge.

We worked with many providers, including booking systems, payment gateways, accounting software, calendar/mail providers, discussion forums, commenting plug-ins, and the list goes on. Quite simply, if it is secure and adds value, we can integrate it for you.

To make it even easier, we can deal with third parties directly, if you authorise it. A simple email or phone introduction can turn a complex integration, into a quick process resolved without your presence. Also, you can be confident that we will always have your welfare in mind and will deal with third parties accordingly, even if it requires extra effort.

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