Server & Platform

Selecting a good platform for your online presence is a daunting task. Even the most beautiful website can easily frustrate visitors if it’s slow, unresponsive or not secure. These factors affect your ranking in search engines as well. Selecting a good platform is crucial to ensure your website and online efforts are not sabotaged by a poor performance.

Fast, Reliable, Business Ready Architecture

All our websites are hosted on the same, fast and reliable platform as some of the biggest and most demanding websites on the internet (including Netflix, Spotify and Airbnb). Our Amazon EC2 servers are located in Dublin, ensuring super-fast connection speeds and scaling to cope with traffic spikes. Our average uptime over the last 10 years has been 99.99%.

  • fast, elastic, high-performance server architecture
  • located in Dublin for rapid content delivery
  • business ready, highly reliable platform

Lightning Fast Server Software

Great architecture deserves great software. We don’t let your visitors wait for your content. All our websites are powered by NGiNX web server, which loads the pages in lightning speed. Your online presence is served by the same software that drives Facebook, eBay and PayPal. Your email accounts are powered by the industry standard IMAP server software to ensure your communication is fast, reliable and available on every device.

  • lightning fast server software
  • industry standard email server software

Security & Encryption With SSL Certificates

Privacy and security of your data are important. We protect you and your visitors using strong encryption and security certificates (SSL). Our team constantly monitors the online security landscape and implements security patches to ensure compliance, as shown by our current Qualys SSL Labs score of “A+”. Both your email accounts and your website are safeguarded by SSL certificates included in all our subscription plans.

  • automatic security updates
  • high SSL encryption rating

Constant, Feedback Driven Development

Our platform and your online presence are under constant development. We work tirelessly, testing new technologies and improving our systems and their functionality. New features, technologies and fixes are added regularly, so your online presence is always up to date and compatible with all devices and applications used by your audience. We always welcome feedback from our subscribers, which drives all our efforts in creating the ultimate platform for business owners, who care about their online reputation.

  • constant development and improvements
  • high compatibility with a broad selection of devices
  • feedback driven development

Modern, Business Ready Technologies

Many digital agencies use pre-made software packages and website templates that are not optimised for business use. Everything from our server software, through website management system, all the way to the website designs is custom built, business ready and optimised for best results. Don’t let slow websites, sluggish databases and convoluted content management systems break your online presence. Invest in a solution that is built for you and grows with you.

  • custom built for business use
  • always up to date with modern technologies
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