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Selecting a good platform for your online presence is a daunting task, but it is crucial to ensure your website and online efforts are not sabotaged by a poor performance. Even the most beautiful website can easily frustrate visitors if it is slow, unresponsive or not secure.


Fast, Reliable, Business Ready Architecture Based in Ireland

All our websites are hosted on the same fast and reliable platform as some of the biggest and most demanding websites on the internet, including Netflix and Spotify.

Our servers are powered by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and located in Dublin, ensuring super-fast connection speeds and scaling to cope with traffic spikes. Our infrastructure offers remarkable resilience to outages, with an average uptime of 99.99% over the last decade.

All our pages are served using the NGiNX web server software, renowned for its lightning speed and used by the web giants, including Facebook and PayPal.

Super-fast connections and scaling to cope with traffic spikes ensure your visitors enjoy a pleasant browsing experience.

Serving from Dublin (Ireland) for rapid content delivery and excellent page-load speeds in Ireland, with multiple end-points worldwide.

No bandwidth throttling, ensuring consistent and reliable performance even at busiest times, helping you sell more and rank high.

Protection for you and your visitors using strong data encryption and security certificates (SSL) rated A+ by Qualys SSL Labs

Did you know you can save a lot of money with our plans?

Compared to other providers, our pay-as-you-go plans save you from locking up your capital and yield significant savings freeing you from upkeep and redesign fees.

Powerful, Easy to Use Content Editing & Website Management System

Aeron Dashboard™ allows you to manage and monitor your website confidently. No technical knowledge or prior content editing experience is necessary - we built it for business owners, not tech savants.

There are many content management systems around, like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, that try to please everyone and, as a result, end up confusing users with overwhelming complexity. Aeron Dashboard is a focused solution built for busy entrepreneurs, giving you the features to promote your content, products, and services.

Monitor your website performance, traffic levels, engagement, and sales with actionable breakdowns of business metrics, including traffic sources, geographic locations, past-period comparisons, and forecasts.

Publish your copy, photos, videos and documents using an intuitive and familiar interface that automatically optimises your uploads and content for search engines.

Sell products, events and services with the help of powerful eCommerce features, including simple payment integration, stock-level tracking, conditional vouchers & promos, availability scheduling, etc.

Publish GDPR-compliant input and contract forms with mobile-friendly electronic signature capture, newsletter opt-in, spam-bot protection, multiple submission recipients, and automatic sender confirmations.

Did you know our support will save your time and sanity?

Tired of inept support agents testing your patience with tech-jargon? Great support is our forte. Since you can cancel anytime, it is in our best interest to assist you promptly and effectively and win your loyalty for years to come.

Website Performance & Traffic Insights Delivered Each Month

We deliver comprehensive reports to your inbox each month to help you save time and make informed business decisions, whether in the office or on the go.

Sometimes, life is too busy to log in and dig through the statistics to find what matters most. With our monthly email reports, you can see the critical metrics and engagement insights right in your inbox.

See where your traffic comes from (i.e. Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and the distribution of visits by device type (i.e. mobile, tablet, desktop)

See the sales, checkouts, and items sold over the recent months compared to the same periods a year before to keep track of the bottom line and spot the seasonal trends.

See the number of visitors and pageviews generated over the recent months compared to the same periods a year before, and the average number of pages they browse per visit.

See tailored expert advice and actionable tips on how to optimise your content and specific pages to increase their performance and generate more traffic and conversions.

See the amount of time your visitors spent on your website over the recent months compared to the same periods a year before and the percentage of visitors that do not browse past the landing page.

Did you know that SEO is included in our subscriptions?

We do a lot of good work to help your pages rank well in search engines. With our assistance and access to built-in optimisation features, you can elevate your content to get more traffic.

Constant, Feedback Driven Platform Development with New Features

Our platform and your online presence are under constant development. We work tirelessly, testing new technologies and improving our systems and functionality.

New features, technologies and fixes are added regularly, so your online presence is always up to date and compatible with all devices and applications used by your audience. We always welcome feedback from our subscribers, which drives all our efforts in creating the ultimate platform for business owners who care about their online reputation.

We research and implement new technologies as they become stable to ensure your website is modern, secure, and compatible with new devices and online systems.

We keep track of best practices and recommendations from the World Wide Web Consortium, Google, and MDN, to improve and adapt the code of your website to the ever-evolving web.

We collect and encourage your feedback, including feature requests, and deploy new functionalities and refinements every year, giving you more power to engage your visitors.

"Aeronstudio are professional and reliable. I have had a huge increase in clients thanks to my new website. They listened to what I wanted and incorporated all my dieas into the site. I am delighted with a finished product. I couldn't recommend them more"

Anna Wilson - Pilates Centre

"I can't recommend Aeronstudio enough. Their meticulous attention to detail, ability to stay current and outstanding customer support have allowed me to take my business to the next level."

Dr Heather McKee

"Aeronstudio did a terrific job on our website and has been maintaining and updating it for nearly 5 years now. I love the reporting system giving us statistics on our growth and comparing it to last year."

Irene Treacy - SmoveyHealth

"I am totally recommending Aeronstudio's work - they were recommended to me by a friend they did a fab website for. I was very happy to work with Aeronstudio on my business and my own website, which I'm extremely happy with. The best in Ireland!"

Marta Burns - Magic Music Room

"I dealt with Aeronstudio for many years and their comprehensive service is second to none in both, quality and value. They are very approachable and offer great advice. Keep up the great work!"

Katarzyna Markowska - Stylowe Foto

"Aeronstudio gets better every year. The information and advice is top class and they seem to be up to date with all areas from blogging, marketing and social networking. I highly recommend them for people who want to start or need better advice in business."

Shane Nicoletti - FFI™

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