Search Engine Optimisation

Good search engine optimisation can elevate your content and bring targeted traffic to your website. Modern search engines evaluate your pages and external factors to build accurate and relevant search results for their users. Long gone are the times of stuffing keywords in your pages to outrank competitors. There are many factors that affect your rank, including high-quality content, page speed, internal and external links, code quality, encryption, mobile friendliness and content consistency. We make sure your content is surrounded by positive signals to Google and other search engines to give you the best platform to engage your audience and attract more traffic.

Device Agnostic Design Approach

With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, your website has to cater to visitors in different situations on a variety of screen sizes. Google knows your audience quite well and serves different search results on different platforms, giving mobile friendly (responsive) websites preferential treatment. We build fully responsive websites with intuitive navigation and user-friendly layouts that display beautifully on all devices and screen sizes.

Page Speed & Resource Optimisation

Many modern web sites are riddled with plugins, widgets and extensions adding to the page load times. It’s no fun waiting for ages on your smartphone, just to look up a phone number or directions. Google penalises slow loading pages, as they spoil the experience for the visitors. We minify, consolidate and cache all scripts and resources to make your pages blazingly fast. By eliminating multiple links to external plugins and libraries, we ensure your online presence provides an enjoyable experience and improve your position in Google search results.

Code & Meta Tags Optimisation

Google and other search engines revisit your pages regularly and traverse the code for content changes. The high-quality code ensures Google has no problem assessing your valuable content in its entirety. Scripting languages used to build your pages (like HTML, JavaScript, CSS) evolve all the time and we make sure your code benefits from these changes while securing broad compatibility with all major browsers. In addition, our website management system scans your page titles, descriptions and other tags to notify you of possible improvements. You can see at a glance which sections of your website can be boosted by making small adjustments.

Encryption & SSL Certificates

Google and all major browsers promote secure websites that force encrypted connections. Having an SSL certificate sends a positive message to your visitors and gives you a boost in search engine results. All subscriptions offered by Aeronstudio come with a valid SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority funded by Mozilla, Cisco, Facebook and many other tech giants. We use very strict encryption methods and deploy regular security updates, as shown by our current Qualys SSL Labs score of "A+". This gives your website credibility and a search engine boost.

Sitemaps & Google Feedback

There is no bigger authority in search engine optimisation than Google, so we keep track of your website performance via Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools and publish your sitemap to all major search engines. This gives us a very detailed picture of your website traffic, engagement metrics and conversions. We quickly act on received feedback and provide you with access to important details via our website management system called WebGears. Additionally, we send you detailed reports of your website performance every month along with actionable advice on how to improve your online efforts to win more business. You also get real-time notifications of important milestones.

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