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Helping search engines find your content is crucial to the success of your online presence. We are here to help elevate your content, engage your visitors, and make search engines happy.


Search engine optimisation is a teamwork challenge

Google and other search engines calculate your rank based on many factors. Even a well-designed website will not compensate for poor content and vice versa.

Search engines attract users by giving relevant results to their queries. Google and others vet the pages to ensure they offer a frustration-free browsing experience and original, valuable content.

See the leading search engine ranking factors and what we do, as part of our web design and maintenance plans, to give you an edge in search results:

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Platform & Connectivity Ranking Factors

Even the most impressive website with excellent content will fail if hosted from a slow, unreliable, and unmaintained server.

The moment a visitor clicks on the link to your page, the clock starts ticking, and their browser communicates with the server to load and parse all the resources needed to display the page. The longer the wait, the more annoyed your visitor gets, and the bigger the chance they will move on to a different site.

Search engines promote fast-loading pages, and the location, responsiveness, bandwidth, and configuration of the server affect that speed in a big way. Bandwidth throttling and congestion are common issues with cheap hosting providers.

Each page must load multiple files (styles, fonts, dynamic scripts, images/media) to display for the visitor. The server must be configured to compress and fetch these assets on the fly in the optimal order.

Search engines promote secure pages (indicated by the padlock/trusted icon in the address bar). The server must efficiently encrypt the connection and provide a valid SSL certificate proving its credentials.

Our server in Ireland offers super-fast connections that scale to ensure speed and responsiveness at all times, with no bandwidth throttling or congestions.

We minify, compress (gzip) and optimise page assets and files to ensure fast page loads, and we minimise the use of third-party assets to reduce wait time.

We delay the loading of off-screen images and employ caching and content delivery network (CDN) to boost initial and subsequent page loads globally.

We use strong data encryption and security certificates (SSL) rated A+ by Qualys SSL Labs to ensure your site is trusted and secure.

Did you know that site speed and security affect ranking?

The server powering your website has an impact on your search engine ranking. Underpowered hosting and insecure or slow-loading pages can impede your online success.

Site Design & Compatibility Ranking Factors

Search engines reward and your visitors expect an enjoyable browsing experience regardless of the device and connection they use.

Many websites look amazing but are a hindrance to use, especially on mobile devices. Search engines want to send searchers straight to the answer, not a maze without a structure filled with pop-ups and flashy widgets.

Broken code, missing assets, heavy image sizes, and mobile compatibility issues are difficult to spot with an untrained eye. It is common to see cheaply made, template-based sites that load tons of external plugins, scripts and fonts for visitors on slow mobile connections.

Search engines reward websites with a cohesive and consistent structure that are easy to navigate using familiar interface components. Each page of your website should be dedicated to a specific subject you want it to rank for, with minimum distractions.

Search engines promote sites that are light on code and heavy on original and valuable content. Google crawls a page expecting valid and efficient code to get to and index the actual content hiding within. Broken code and many external plugins/embeds can prevent the crawler from getting to that content.

Over 50% of your visitors will browse your website using a mobile device. Each smartphone and tablet comes with a different default browser and screen size. Search engines evaluate how your site works on these devices and at various connection speeds. The size of touch targets (i.e. buttons, menus), readability of your content and how your images are displayed affect your ranking.

We work with our customers and guide them to create a well-structured website with a clear hierarchy, equipped with intuitive navigation.

We don't use third-party content management systems or pre-made themes that load unnecessary plugins and impede crawling and indexing.

We use our tried and tested modular code framework that elevates content and makes our websites easy to crawl and index by search engines.

We include comprehensive meta tags, sitemaps, and RSS feeds that aid search engines in crawling the website's structure.

We enrich the pages with structured data snippets to help Google and others better understand the content and its relevancy.

We build responsive, mobile-friendly websites and test them regularly on newly released devices to maintain compatibility and performance.

Did you know you can save a lot of money with our plans?

Compared to other providers, our pay-as-you-go plans save you from locking up your capital and yield significant savings freeing you from upkeep and redesign fees.

Site Content & Structure Ranking Factors

Your website is the home of your brand and a platform for your content. It will never show in search results without original, relevant, fresh and valuable content.

It is a standard error among business owners to focus on producing social media content while completely neglecting their website. New social media platforms pop up every year, and old ones get abandoned by younger demographics. All your meticulously crafted Facebook posts and Twitter updates disappear into the void, forgotten after a day or two. Meanwhile, your website survives them all, and its content continues to generate traffic.

While your website may cover a lot of different subjects and products, each page/section should maintain a narrow scope relevant to a search query you want it to dominate. Keep in mind that search engines treat each page of your website as a separate entity, and rarely will visitors land on your site's front page from search results.

Google is, for the most part, a text-based search engine. It makes sense to put most of your effort into producing relevant copy instead of other aspects of your site. To improve the ranking of a given page, use keywords relevant to the search query in the page title, page description, headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, and image labels. A page that includes relevant keywords from a search query (and its variations) will have a higher chance of showing in the search results for that query.

Search engines promote original content that offers value to visitors. Therefore, directly copying text from other sites (scraping) to improve your rank is pointless and constitutes copyright infringement. Putting time and effort into writing authentic content that is informative, valuable, and focused on the subject matter is the best way to improve the ranking of your pages. If writing high-quality copy seems overwhelming, gradually filling your pages with content or hiring a professional copywriter may work for you.

We offer guidance and links to tools and resources that help our clients write original and relevant content providing value to visitors.

We help our clients format their content and publish it on their pages, and we offer feedback on the quality and areas for improvement.

Our user-friendly website management system provides optimisation aids to assess and populate page titles, descriptions and other meta tags.

Our content editing interface offers familiar but powerful editing features and engaging ways to present content with SEO in mind.

Our monthly performance reports include tailored expert advice and quick optimisation tips for individual pages and traffic metrics.

We regularly perform SEO audits of content and perform SEO adjustments to help our clients' content rank better in search engines.

Did you know our support will save your time and sanity?

Tired of inept support agents testing your patience with tech-jargon? Great support is our forte. Since you can cancel anytime, it is in our best interest to assist you promptly and effectively and win your loyalty for years to come.

External & Authority Ranking Factors

You need to gain trust and reputation to compete with established sites in search results. Online success, like any worthwhile goal, takes time and effort.

Like good word of mouth can drive your business to new heights, external signals can boost your search ranking exponentially. With some time and promotion, other websites will start linking to your content. Such non-reciprocal incoming links send a strong signal to search engines that your website is a meaningful resource.

Search engines reward websites that are linked to on other established websites. Such non-reciprocal external links work as a vote of confidence and boost your rank. At the same time, link exchanges are frowned upon and can lead to rank penalties if overused. Not all external links are created equal - sponsored or so-called 'nofollow' links carry little weight, and the same applies to social media mentions.

Websites of brands with a strong presence on multiple online platforms (i.e. active social media profiles) rank higher. The far domain expiration date also signals that the website is here for a long haul, which helps with credibility and ranking. A YouTube channel with relevant videos also helps, as links to videos get preferential treatment in search results.

We add profile links and relevant structured data snippets to your website to help search engines identify your external online presence.

We give clients easy access to see the traffic referrers that link to their website, so they can see where they excel or lack traction.

We advise our clients on where to focus their off-site promotion efforts for the biggest return on investment of time and effort.

We offer social media marketing subscriptions to our clients to help grow their social media profiles and strengthen their online presence.

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