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Looking Back and Planning Ahead

2014 was a year of big developments in Aeronstudio and a sign of things to come. We worked tirelessly all year to bring you the best solutions. While many changes happened behind the scenes, they all had a great impact on the performance of all websites hosted on our platform.

Internet users want fast, intuitive, and mobile-friendly websites. Our job is to make life easier for you, our customer. The whole idea is to provide service that doesn't demand any technical knowledge. Servers, uptime, bandwidth, redundancy, security, and stability are not our customers' concerns. We deal with that, and we deal well - we had 99.999 percent uptime for all websites hosted on our servers this year.

Mobile-Friendly, Device Agnostic

To make sure your website is leaps and bounds ahead of your competition, we made some significant changes this year. Responsive design is one of these changes.

Ireland is a country that quickly adapts to changes and new technologies. Over 50 percent of all visits to our customer's websites originated on tablets and smartphones. To harness such an audience, all websites provided by Aeronstudio are fully responsive, which means they adapt to the screen size and resolution of the device. Responsive design allows for a smooth, intuitive, and pleasant browsing experience - something every mobile visitor appreciates.

Taking Our Customers into The Cloud

Our move to a new data center completely changed the way we work and how quickly we address any issues we encounter. Not only are the websites loading significantly faster, thanks to Amazon's infrastructure, but they can also handle significantly more traffic, without hiccups.

If your website is featured on TV or radio, the huge influx of traffic is not a problem, but a reason to celebrate. If your online store runs a fantastic promotion that everyone is talking about, all sales will go smoothly, without the headaches often experienced with other hosting platforms.

The move from Apache server to Nginx was a big undertaking, but it paid off. Software used by online giants like Facebook or Netflix is now powering our customers' websites.

The speed, security and stability offered by properly-configured Nginx server software are unparalleled. Compared to other solutions, it consumes fewer resources, allowing us to keep our prices at the same level while offering more features to our customers.

Bleeding Security

We take security very seriously. The year 2014 was problematic for encryption software. OpenSSL, used on most servers around the world, was affected by a series of bugs, which were discovered by Google, Codenomicon, Symantec and other security engineers.

Vulnerabilities like HeartBleed, POODLEbleed, and ShellShock put online communication and transactions at risk. We applied all fixes momentarily, and our customers were not affected by these issues at all.

Unfortunately, some hosting providers and Web development studios still use outdated and buggy software, putting their clients at risk without their knowledge.

Planning Ahead

With 2014 behind us and all infrastructure upgrades in place, it is time for us to focus on our WebGears website management and monitoring system. We have a huge set of updates planned, bringing new functionality in an intuitive and easy-to-use package. All updates will be rolled out seamlessly to our customers throughout the year.

Thanks to our clients' feedback, we can focus on features that matter, such as online scheduling, improved store and stock management, and more blogging features that are not available elsewhere.

2015 will be a year of great developments for Aeronstudio. We will continue offering great service at an unbelievable price and with exceptional customer service. If you have any ideas on how to improve our solutions, please click here to fill out our feedback form.

Published on 30th Oct 2014 at 13:35 by Admin

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"Aeronstudio are professional and reliable. I have had a huge increase in clients thanks to my new website. They listened to what I wanted and incorporated all my dieas into the site. I am delighted with a finished product. I couldn't recommend them more"

Anna Wilson - Pilates Centre

"I can't recommend Aeronstudio enough. Their meticulous attention to detail, ability to stay current and outstanding customer support have allowed me to take my business to the next level."

Dr Heather McKee

"Aeronstudio did a terrific job on our website and has been maintaining and updating it for nearly 5 years now. I love the reporting system giving us statistics on our growth and comparing it to last year."

Irene Treacy - SmoveyHealth

"I am totally recommending Aeronstudio's work - they were recommended to me by a friend they did a fab website for. I was very happy to work with Aeronstudio on my business and my own website, which I'm extremely happy with. The best in Ireland!"

Marta Burns - Magic Music Room

"I dealt with Aeronstudio for many years and their comprehensive service is second to none in both, quality and value. They are very approachable and offer great advice. Keep up the great work!"

Katarzyna Markowska - Stylowe Foto

"Aeronstudio gets better every year. The information and advice is top class and they seem to be up to date with all areas from blogging, marketing and social networking. I highly recommend them for people who want to start or need better advice in business."

Shane Nicoletti - FFI™

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