Our Development Process

With over a decade of experience working with businesses of all sizes, we developed a set of procedures and workflows. Every step of our development process is there to ensure your experience is a pleasant one. We don't leave anything to chance and welcome your feedback and questions, as they help us grow.

Good communication is crucial to ensure a fruitful cooperation

We strive to understand your business, audience and goals. Building a successful online presence that truly reflects your brand is an ongoing process. It might be very challenging at times, but also very fulfilling when done right. Here is what will happen after you reach out to us:

Phase 1 - Preparation

Step 1. We will suggest a face to face meeting or a conference call.

Whenever possible, we will meet with you for a free consultation to assess your requirements and answer all your questions. We can meet at your workplace or any other convenient location (like a cafe or hotel lobby). If a meeting is not possible, we will schedule a phone/Skype call instead.

Step 2. We will spend as much time as needed to understand your goals.

Even though we worked with hundreds of businesses (in many industries), we treat every customer with full attention and commitment. During our non-binding consultation, we will ask many questions about your business, customers, competitors, products and services. We will offer impartial advice and address all your questions.

Step 3. We will sign the contract.

Even though there is no long-term commitment, we still have to formalise our work arrangement with a legal development agreement. The agreement outlines our mutual responsibilities and provides a secure framework for a long-lasting business relationship. You can terminate the contract at any stage and stop the payments without notice.


Phase 2 - Development

Step 1. We will start working on your online presence.

In most instances, we provide a live demo of your new website within a month of your first subscription payment. If the project is very complex due to the volume of content or custom functionality, we will inform you in advance of signing the contract of any additional resources required. You will never be surprised by unexpected delays on our end, and we will continue working together long past the launch of your online presence.

Step 2. Weeks 1-2 - We will ask for some media assets required for your online presence.

During the first two weeks of the development, we will be doing a lot of research into your business, competitors (and your old website, if you have one). You will have plenty of time to produce a high-resolution logo of your business and some content (text and images). If you don't have a logo yet, we can design one for you at a discounted rate. We have a substantial media asset library, so if you don't own any suitable photos, we can provide some high-quality imagery without additional cost. During this first stage of development, we will set up your email accounts and make arrangements to secure/setup your new (or existing) domain name.

Step 3. Weeks 3-4 - We will design the website and set up all other subscriptions you purchased.

During the third and fourth week of the development, we will work on the design of your new website. All details concerning the structure of the site, navigation, and layouts, will be agreed upon beforehand. During that time we may reach out to you (or designated members of your staff) for extra information or clarifications.


Phase 3 - Demonstration

Step 1. We will provide a link to a private demo for feedback.

At the end of the fourth week, we will send you a link to the demonstration of your new website. We will ask you for feedback and any adjustments you would like us to make. We won't stop until you are delighted with the outcome. With our free redesigns provided on every plan, you can change your mind and request changes at any stage before or after the launch.

Step 2. We will launch your online presence and all associated subscriptions when you are ready.

Once you are pleased with every aspect of your online presence, we will make it available to the public. It is exhilarating to see the result of our hard work in action, but our journey only starts here. We will continue to work on your online presence indefinitely and be happy to respond to your queries and feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Development Process:

1. What if I already have a website or a domain name?

We can transfer your old website content to the new site. If you already have a domain name (web address), we can set it up to point to your new website and transfer your email accounts to our platform with minimal downtime.

2. Will my current website/email go down during the development?

We do not modify your existing website/email until we are ready to replace it with the new one. This practically eliminates the downtime. Once your domain name is set up to point to our platform (we take care of this for you), there will be a period where some of your visitors will see your old website, while others will see the new one (depending on their location).

3. I need more time, can I pause the development process?

We know how challenging it is to run a business and we do not want to add stress and unnecessary pressure. Once the development process is started, we cannot pause it, but we can delay the launch for as long as you need. You set the pace, so take as much time as you need. As long as your subscription is paid on time, your place on our platform is secured, and our team is working on your online presence.

4. What will happen if I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, just disable your standing order or PayPal recurring payment. Your website and associated services will go offline at the beginning of the next payment cycle (month). We will provide links to download your site content to use it with a different provider. The website design will be wiped and deleted (we do not re-use designs). The website layouts and graphics (elements created by us) cannot be transferred to another server/platform, so your new provider has to design your new website just like we did.

5. What kind of logo do you need from me and why?

Every serious business that cares about the image should have a professional, unique logo. It is a relatively small investment and shouldn't be brushed off. Every good graphic designer can produce a high quality, scalable (vector) logo for your business. Make sure your logo is original, unique and looks well in every size. The formats we accept are SVG, PDF, AI and high-resolution transparent PNG (minimum 1000px wide). We offer logo design services at a discounted rate to all our subscribers.

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