Responsive Website Design

People consume the internet on a variety of connected devices and browsers. It is imperative to provide a pleasant experience to all your visitors, no matter the platform they use. In addition, search engines promote mobile friendly websites, so it makes business sense to make your visitors and Google happy.

Responsive Websites

With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, your website has to cater to visitors in different situations on a variety of screen sizes. Google knows your audience quite well and serves different search results on different platforms, giving mobile friendly (responsive) websites preferential treatment. We build fully responsive websites with intuitive navigation and user-friendly layouts that display beautifully on all devices and screen sizes.

Scalable UI Elements

Thanks to advancements in modern browsers we can make website elements like icons and buttons look great in all screen resolutions while keeping the page size small and older browsers happy. Scalable vectors (SVG) and cascading style sheets (CSS3) allow for great flexibility and easy adjustments, to make the pages reflect your brand. Drop shadows and rounded corners never looked this crisp before!

Intuitive Navigation

The most important part of your website is navigation. Finding things quickly is the crucial part of the positive browsing experience. Our menus and buttons adapt to smaller screens to ensure snappy and straightforward browsing. Optimally sized tap areas prevent unintentional clicks and strategically sized fonts ensure great readability of navigation elements.

Flexible Grid Layouts

Flexible grid layouts are the base of the good responsive design. Good distribution of content that flows and resizes to accommodate every screen size creates an enjoyable experience for your visitors. We analyse your content and create layouts that prioritise important content, making sure your visitors can always find the information they are looking for.

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