Search Engine Marketing Plans

We can create, run, manage and optimise your search engine ad campaigns. With our detailed reports and insights, you can make informed decisions to distribute your advertising budget efficiently and promote conversions. Pick a plan, set the budget and let us handle all the complexities for you.

Search Engine Marketing

campaign plan & setup
keyword & market research
2 competitors monitored
2 landing pages
landing page monitoring
up to 8 search ads
up to 4 display ads
ongoing optimisation
monthly reporting
no impromptu ads
no combined campaigns

Search Engine Marketing

campaign plan & setup
keyword & market research
4 competitors monitored
4 landing pages
landing page monitoring
unlimited search ads
unlimited display ads
ongoing optimisation
monthly reporting
impromptu ads
combined campaigns

We help you achieve your goals by:

Selecting Keywords for Traffic & Conversions

We put ourselves in your customer's shoes and pick the keywords they use to search for your products and services. It is a common mistake of inexperienced marketers to lose money on underperforming, broad keywords. We research, select and track the optimal keywords for each ad, to get the highest return on investment.

Relevant keywords can drive a lot of easily converting traffic to your landing pages. Bad choices can generate a lot of worthless clicks that cost money and create disappointment on both sides of the counter. We gradually optimise and monitor your ads' keywords for the best balance between the bid price and conversion rate.

Composing Ads That Grab Attention

Understanding ad copy restrictions and best practices are crucial to creating well-performing ads that generate traffic and conversions. We work diligently to understand your audience and their expectations. We craft calls-to-action that produce real results.

There is nothing more disappointing than a well-targeted ad, which misses the point due to bland copywriting and ineffective calls to action. Getting a lot of impressions and little clicks can be very frustrating. We A/B test different versions of ad copy to come up with a perfect and convincing pitch.

Designing Conversion Tracking Landing Pages

While your customer's journey starts with a click on one of your ads, the real experience starts on your landing pages. Even the best ads won't produce positive results if your landing pages break the promise or confuse your visitors. The consistency of all aspects of your online presence plays a pivotal role in your success.

If your ad simply links to your front page, your results will not be great. The conversion process should be a seamless and pleasant experience for your visitors. Any doubt or confusion and your leads are gone browsing your competitors. If they closed your tab, there is little chance they will ever come back. On the other hand, if you offer them a great experience, they will ask for more, sign up to your newsletter and follow you on social networks.

Campaign Monitoring and Reporting

We help you make the right decisions regarding your advertising budget by monitoring your ad performance metrics and providing actionable insights. Since our subscription price is not based on your advertising spend, you can be confident that our advice is impartial and motivated by mutual goals.

Without proper tracking and reports, you can't make informed decisions about your advertising budget and goals. We heard too many sad stories about wasted money and nothing to show for it. Even if your ad campaign results in a total loss, you should get enough data to understand why. We can't guarantee your product will sell, but we can guarantee you will know why.

Competition Tracking

Once you understand your competitors' advertising practices, you can make strategic decisions and outperform them on their turf. Tracking your competitors is a time-consuming process, but with our help, you can focus on acting on the valuable intelligence we gather.

We know the old saying "focus on your customers, not your competitors." It is true that customers should always come first, but learning from your competitors' mistakes presents great value. Capitalising on their shortcomings is even better. We help you by pointing out the issues in their approach, and it is up to you to act on it. We will never judge you.

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