Social Media Marketing Plans

Engaging your audience on social networks with a good mix of informative and promotional updates is challenging and time-consuming. Our plans give you an opportunity to have an engaging social media presence without spending too much time and effort. Let us turn your dormant profiles into lead generating hubs of engaging content.

Social Media Marketing

profile assessment & setup
up to 2 social profiles
up to 4 monthly posts
up to 1 special events
quarterly reports
no native ads
no combined campaigns

Social Media Marketing 

profile assessment & setup
up to 2 social profiles
up to 8 monthly posts
up to 2 special events
quarterly reports
native ads
combined campaigns

Social Media Marketing 

profile assessment & setup
up to 6 social profiles
up to 16 monthly posts
up to 4 special events
monthly reports
native ads
combined campaigns

We help you achieve your goals by:

Creating & Optimising Your Social Media Profiles

Keeping your online presence up to date with regular changes to the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other networks' features is a time-consuming process that never ends. If you can afford to hire an in-house online marketer, you will be okay. Otherwise, our services may be a perfect solution for your business.

It takes time and careful monitoring to spot trends in how your fans interact with your social channels. Micromanaging every aspect of your online presence can be a very taxing endeavour. Outsourcing this task to us will free a lot of your time, and we will keep you informed with all the important metrics.

Designing Social Media Posts That Grab Attention

Coming up with great updates is tough. A right mix of promotional and curated content can create a great rapport with your audience. We compose and design beautiful posts accompanied by the custom-made graphics and compelling images. All this based on the content of your website and sources suggested by you.

We make an effort to understand your brand, messaging and image you want to project. With a bit of time and communication, we can create a solid strategy to turn your followers into real enthusiasts and advocates of your brand. You always have the final say about what shows up on your social channels.

Supporting Your Special Events & Promotions

Giving your promotions an extra push on social media can create a lot of positive chatter about your products and services. We work with you to create unique campaigns that compliment your other marketing efforts. You decide the budget, and we maximise your reach and clicks.

Timing together your website updates, online advertising, and social media campaigns creates momentum and a sense of omnipresence in the eyes of your audience. Let us help you create unforgettable campaigns and successful launches for your products and services.

Creating Native Ads & Boosted Posts for Extra Impact

If you want to spend a little extra on a post, ad or special announcement, we can set up your audience segments and strategically target your preferred groups for maximum impact. We meticulously track and tweak your promoted content to optimise for conversions.

Selecting the best posting times and audience segments can save a lot of money from your advertising budget. Learning from past promotions goes a long way in increasing your return on investment. We do all this and provide detailed reports with valuable insights that can help you make better decisions and more reliable projections.

Engaging Your Audience for Long Lasting Brand Loyalty

Social media is a two-way street. Pushing out content without interacting with your audience doesn't make much sense. Delayed responses to comments, shares, and messages result in lost opportunities and wasted leads. We react to your audience's actions in a timely fashion, without taxing your time and attention.

Of course, we will never be as knowledgeable as you in your field, but where possible we will answer or at least provide the best way for your fans to find the information they are seeking. Our knowledge and understanding will grow, as we continue to work together.

Combining and Coordinating Your Ad Campaigns

Dealing with multiple digital agencies requires a lot of back and forth via email and on the phone. When handling all aspects of your online presence, we can plan, execute and coordinate even the most complex promotions without taking too much of your valuable time. Scheduled blog posts, Google Ads, social media posts can work very well in unison.

Combined campaigns produce much more informative reports that can help you better understand the needs of your customers. However, if you decide to outsource some of your online advertising tasks to a third party, we will make a real effort to work with them and make the process as smooth as possible for your team.

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